Welcome back to this blog for feet where we’re talking about some of the best things to put on them! In that I’m talking about the very comfortable Vans Slip ons that are available in many different versions of design and style to suit most people’s needs.

So what is it that sets these classic comfy shoes apart from the rest?

Well, for a start, they are a big step up from the classical slippers that your granddad wears around the house while he’s searching for the reading glasses he put down somewhere, but can’t find. He’ll often quip “If I could see where I left them, I wouldn’t need glasses!” Well, that’s the truth. But if you’re a kind of person that spends a pretty fair amount of time in the home, then you don’t want to be wearing ordinary shoes for a variety of reasons. least of all the fact that ordinary shoes are liable to wear out your carpets pretty quick and they are simply not made for being comfortable in!

Now what you really need for wearing around the house and feeling super comfortable – and of course if you are too cool to wear classical slippers… then a pair of Vans slip ons is the perfect answer! Yes, they are not just comfortable and well fitting, but they are cool as well, so just in case your friends turn up at your door and you are mooching around the house in sweat pants and a bad tee shirt, at least they won’t see ultra uncool slippers on your feet, but a pair of very cool sneakers!

They’ll be might impressed by your statement of coolness in fact by being able to dress like you don’t care but your house shoes say something entirely different.

Vans Slip Ons